The record of building the priest's new living quarters
October 20, 2002 finished !
July 7, 2002 The parishioners visit the priest's new living quarters.
May 13, 2002 The facade of the priest's new living quarters
April 25, 2002 The entrance of the priest's new living quarters
March 19, 2002 the inside under construction
December 5, 2001 A roof-laying ceremony
November 26, 2001 A lumberyard
November, 2001 foundation work
driving in stakes to solidify ground's footing
October, 2001 A groundbreaking ceremony
(October 25)
breaking down the priest's living quarters
September, 2001 Soot bamboos
June, 2001 The front approach to the temple
the temple gate was moved.
priest's living quarters
(before rebuilding)