Ground of the Eigenji temple

Hon-Doh (main temple)
The main temple was damaged by the Muroto typhoon in 1934.
In that year it was started to rebuilt from ruin,
and Tokumon Tenrei (the 25th chief priest) completed a new main temple in 1938.
San-Mon(temple gate)
Ihai-Doh(mortuary tablet hall)
A temple gate was built
by Manpou Syouzan(the 21st chief priest)
in 1882.
The tiles of the roof were repaired
in 2002.
Ian Minpou (the 24th chief priest)
leveled a part of the hill behind the Eigenji
and built a new mortuary tablet chapel
in 1920.
Kuri (priest's living quarters) Zazen-Doh
Shinzen Bokushou(the 27th chief priest)
built a new priest's living quarters
in 2002.
Shinzen Bokushou(the 27th chief priest)
built Zazen-doh in 1996.
The Zazen hall in the second floor
The multipurpose hall in the first floor
A garage in the basement
Kannon-Doh(Goddess of Mercy hall) Nohkyo-Toh (Sutra hand-copying tower)
Mokuchu Shogan(the 22nd chief priest)
built the Goddess of Mercy hall
in 1895.
Shinzen Bokushou(the 27th chief priest)
built a new Sutra hand-copying tower
in 1999.
Rakan (16 images of Buddha's disciples)
Chitou Shougaku (the 26th chief priest)
placed the 16 images of Buddha's disciples
in the rocky tract behind the Eigenji in 1975.